LayerStone by GammaStone

GammaStone is synonymous with creativity and excellence, qualities stemming from our experience in manufacturing integrated panels for facade systems. Thanks to our fully automated robotic production, we ensure a certified, versatile, and high-quality complete enclosure service. Our new high-performance product, LayerStone, aims to bring natural stone into any building. Thanks to our patented and innovative technology, it can be easily glued in large formats.

The choice of excellence

GammaStone's automated production is based on highly sophisticated machinery, which performs many of the tasks that would normally be performed manually. This includes preparing materials, cutting slabs, shaping, finishing edges and machining surfaces. In addition, GammaStone uses a fully automated quality control system to ensure that all products meet the required standards. One of the main advantages of these processes is the reduction of production times. Therefore, the company can provide high-quality products in a short time, meeting the needs of its customers in a timely manner. In addition, automations let you reduce the labour costs, which translates into more competitive prices.

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Fifty years of experience in the stone industry

For over three generations, GammaStone has excelled in the field of stone. The company’s history draws from the roots of a family tradition that originated in ancient quarries, becoming fertile ground for the development of expertise in constructing tools and machinery dedicated to stone processing. Over the years, this wealth of experience has evolved, leading the company to specialize in transforming finished products of exceptional quality. Thanks to this deep experience, GammaStone has evolved, developing innovative production methodologies and cutting-edge solutions for the market. In the field of architecture, we have specialized in the development of tools for facades, contributing to the construction of prestigious buildings worldwide. Today, from this same experience and expertise, our new division, LayerStone, is born. This division is entirely dedicated to the production of flooring and cladding, where we apply the most advanced technologies to offer products with significantly superior resistance and quality compared to traditional materials. We believe that our passion and commitment to innovation will continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

LayerStone for architecture

LayerStone by GammaStone draws inspiration from natural surfaces because it recognizes their authentic charm and durability. For this reason, the brand invests in qualified personnel with a constant commitment to developing fundamental solutions to support design activities. In fact, GammaStone, through a technical and production department, experiments with innovative solutions, offering endless possibilities in the world of stone.

The story of innovation

2010 Air Technology
GammaStone is born, introducing Air Technology with lightweight panels in large formats. GammaStone cladding panels prove to be extraordinarily resistant to various weather conditions and showcase excellent technical and mechanical characteristics, allowing for remarkable monolithic forms. Consequently, they become increasingly integrated into major projects by internationally renowned architects and designers who explore new aesthetic and architectural solutions.
2016 Surfaces
Following the success of Air Technology to meet growing customer demands, GammaStone panels become available in five different surfaces: natural stone, porcelain stoneware, glass, UHPC, and brick, all with endless possibilities for customization in terms of finishes (brushed, polished, sandblasted, etc.). This expansion of options reinforces GammaStone as a leading company in the cladding industry.
2019 Systems
GammaStone is committed to continuous evolution, research, and development. This commitment leads to the desire to offer various cladding possibilities. In addition to existing continuous and ventilated facades, new solutions emerge. GammaStone panels can now be integrated into 7 dry cladding systems, including prefabricated walls, uprights and crosspieces, interior cladding, and ceilings.
2024 LayerStone
Driven by the need for ongoing evolution and the desire to meet the most demanding requirements, LayerStone is born. Leveraging the brand’s experience in the stone and architecture sector, LayerStone introduces itself as a cutting-edge product, entering the cladding and flooring market without any precursor. Today, LayerStone offers the possibility to clad any space or floor with large-format natural stone panels, ensuring ease of installation comparable to ceramic products but with unparalleled resistance and aesthetic standards.