Our solutions

LayerStone aims to completely replace ceramic coverings with real natural stone ones. Thanks to our technology we can produce extremely thin and light coatings that can be easily applied in any environment.

Hall & Lobby

A majestic entrance with LayerStone, authentic large-format marble. Transform your halls and lobbies into prestigious spaces, where LayerStone's authentic marble welcomes visitors with its natural elegance and extraordinary visual impact. Perfect for creating unique and memorable welcoming areas.


Elevate your workspace with LayerStone. The authentic large-format marble of LayerStone adds a touch of refinement and professionalism to business offices or waiting rooms, combining functionality and design. A stunning working environment that stimulates creativity and reflects your company's prestige.

Public Spaces

LayerStone for public spaces: the resilience and beauty of authentic marble. Ideal for high-traffic areas, LayerStone's authentic large-format marble offers aesthetically superior and incredibly resistant solutions, maintaining its beauty in dynamic public spaces.

Spa & Pool

Transform spas and pools into luxurious havens with LayerStone. The authentic large-format marble of LayerStone brings timeless luxury to wet areas, ensuring resistance and unparalleled charm. For environments that invite relaxation in a context of pure elegance.


LayerStone in the living room: the warmth and style of authentic marble. The large-format authentic marble of LayerStone enriches the heart of the home, offering versatile solutions that adapt to every style of decor and add a touch of naturalness and design.


A bathroom in authentic marble with LayerStone. Bring the elegance of authentic large-format marble into your bathroom with LayerStone, combining the practicality of water-resistant materials with the refined aesthetics of natural marble to create a beauty oasis.


Innovation and beauty in the kitchen with LayerStone. LayerStone's authentic large-format marble transforms kitchens into functional and aesthetically captivating spaces, offering solutions for countertops and islands that combine resistance and high-level design.


LayerStone for bedrooms with a unique atmosphere. Creating an intimate and sophisticated environment is easy with LayerStone's authentic large-format marble, which adds elegance and personality to bedrooms, inviting rest in a space of pure comfort.