Large Format Flooring in Real Natural Stone

Discover the revolution in the world of flooring with Layerstone panels: an innovative solution that combines the timeless elegance of natural stone with the latest in large format technology. Spanning up to 48x96 inches (2400x1200mm) of sheer beauty, with a thickness of just 12 mm and a weight of 21 kg per square meter, Layerstone opens up new possibilities for flooring in premium materials such as white Carrara marble, Calacatta, Verde Alpi, Rosso Levanto, Roman travertine, and many others. Now, it's possible to create seamless surfaces in real marble, travertine, or limestone, offering an unparalleled visual experience and the feeling of walking on actual blocks of natural stone, with the practicality of simple and quick installation thanks to the use of traditional adhesive. Choose Layerstone for floors that combine the majestic look of natural stone in large slabs with the ease of installation and maintenance.

Impact Resistance

The Layerstone panel demonstrates superior resistance compared to traditional 3 cm thick natural stone. In our tests, dropping a marble on the surfaces, conventional stone breaks, while our Layerstone panel remains intact, highlighting significant impact robustness.

Compression Resistance

The durability of the Layerstone panel is tested by driving a forklift over it. Unlike other materials, our panel maintains its integrity without suffering any injuries or damage, ensuring extraordinary compression resistance.

Fall Resistance

The comparison between the Layerstone panel and full-thickness natural stone shows a clear advantage in terms of resistance. While natural stone breaks upon falling, the Layerstone panel withstands without any damage, confirming its superiority in fall resistance.

Flexural Resistance

The Layerstone panel stands out for its exceptional stability during handling. Unlike other materials that cannot be manually moved and must be handled vertically, the Layerstone panel maintains its shape and integrity, making it easily transportable by hand without risk of breakage.

Large Format Wall Cladding in Real Natural Stone

Transform your walls into works of art with Layerstone panels, the ideal solution for those seeking prestigious wall cladding in large sizes. With slabs up to 48x96 inches (2400x1200mm) and a thickness of 12 mm, weighing only 21 kg per square meter, Layerstone enables you to achieve wall coverings in real marble, travertine, and limestone, including exclusive materials like white Carrara, Calacatta, Verde Alpi, Rosso Levanto, and Roman travertine. The innovation of Layerstone lies in its exceptional format, surpassing the limits of traditional ceramic slabs, offering the ability to cover large surfaces with natural stone blocks seamlessly, ensuring a remarkable visual impact. Easy to apply with traditional adhesive, Layerstone is the perfect choice for those seeking the authentic beauty of natural marble in unimaginable formats until now, ideal for creating luxurious environments with wall coverings that are true statements of style.