Layerstone: Innovation and Customization for High-Impact Architecture

Welcome to the Layerstone page dedicated to architects, where grandeur meets innovation and customization. Our large-format lightweight natural stone panel is designed to meet the needs of the most ambitious architectural projects, offering tailor-made solutions that elevate every space.

Prestigious Materials and Full Customization

With Layerstone, architects have the freedom to choose from a wide range of prestigious materials, such as Bianco Carrara marble, Calacatta, Verde Alpi, Rosso Levanto, and Roman Travertine. Beyond our standard selection, we offer the ability to customize dimensions and finishes to perfectly match the unique vision of each project, ensuring uniqueness and prestige.

Versatility in Application

The Layerstone panel is suitable for various applications, making it ideal for airports, public spaces, hotel lobbies, luxury bathrooms, interior claddings, and shopping centers. Its durability, lightness, and large format allow for unprecedented architectural creations, with visual continuity and significant aesthetic impact.

Personalized Support and Consultation

Understanding the specific needs of each project is our priority. We provide comprehensive consulting, from selecting the ideal material to choosing finishes – polished, glossy, or with special treatments – to meet every architect's precise requests. Our team of experts is available to guide through the material selection, customization of finishes, and choice of the best technical solutions.

Samples and Technical Information

We know how important it is to experience the quality of our materials firsthand. Therefore, we offer detailed samples and all the technical information necessary to integrate Layerstone panels into projects, ensuring that every detail aligns perfectly with expectations and required technical specifications.

Explore the Architectural Marvel of Layerstone

Layerstone is more than a product: it's an architectural solution that offers creative freedom, supported by a team dedicated to turning every vision into a tangible reality. We invite architects to explore the limitless possibilities Layerstone can offer your projects, guaranteeing results of exceptional beauty and lasting quality.

To begin your discovery journey with Layerstone and to request samples or consultation, contact us today. Your next architectural creation starts here.