Real natural stone in large format

LayerStone, with its surfaces, enhances the allure of natural stone. These surfaces result from a harmonious blend of technical and aesthetic elements, reaching the pinnacle of large-format achievement in the world of natural stone flooring and cladding, thanks to the decades-long experience of the GammaStone group. For over 50 years, GammaStone has consistently dedicated itself to research and development, propelling its products towards an ever-evolving aesthetic that stands the test of time. This commitment is reflected in collections of large-sized marble, travertine, and limestone panels that defy the limits of stone, becoming an authentic symbol of timeless beauty.

Synergy of nature and technology

Special slabs, timeless with an ultra-thin thickness (12mm) that is unmistakable. This choice is the foundation of the brand and stems from the intention to seamlessly blend strength, durability, and beauty. Thus, LayerStone by GammaStone emerges as a high-quality product that delivers the grandeur of large formats without compromising on technical excellence, ensuring an innovative and enduring outcome. Utilizing GammaStone Air Technology, LayerStone surfaces boast exceptional lightness, offering large formats with simultaneously high mechanical resistance and superior standards of thermal and acoustic insulation. LayerStone claddings and flooring by GammaStone represent an avant-garde solution that transcends aesthetic norms and guarantees top-notch performance. This product is safeguarded by a patent (no. RM2013A000068).

The largest format in natural stone






Impact Resistance

The Layerstone panel demonstrates superior resistance compared to traditional natural stone, including marble, limestone, and travertine, all generally 3 cm thick. In our rigorous tests, where a steel ball is dropped onto the surfaces, conventional stones shatter and break. In contrast, the Layerstone panel remains surprisingly intact, highlighting its exceptional durability and robustness against impacts. This resilience is particularly notable, considering the delicate beauty and perceived fragility of materials like marble and travertine, making Layerstone the ideal choice for areas requiring an appealing aesthetic combined with durability.

Compression Resistance

The enduring strength of the Layerstone panel is put to the test under extreme conditions, such as the weight of a forklift driving directly over it. Unlike other traditional materials that break under such stress, the Layerstone panel maintains its structural integrity impeccably. This extraordinary resistance to compression attests to the advanced engineering and high-quality materials used in its construction, ensuring it can withstand heavy loads without damage. This feature makes it particularly suitable for high-traffic areas where other natural stones like marble or travertine may not be as resilient.

Fall Resistance

In direct comparison with full-thickness natural stone, including varieties of marble, granite, and travertine, the Layerstone panel shows a significant advantage in terms of resistance to falls. While a piece of natural stone shatters upon impact from a fall, the Layerstone panel does not show such vulnerability. This resilience emphasizes the panel's superior design and composition, engineered to absorb and disperse shock better than traditional materials. This feature ensures that the beauty and integrity of the Layerstone surface remain pristine, even in environments where accidental falls may occur.

Flexural Resistance

The flexibility and ease of handling of the Layerstone panel distinguish it from more rigid materials like marble, granite, or travertine, which may require special equipment for movement and often risk breaking if not handled vertically. However, the Layerstone panel maintains its shape and structural integrity under conditions that might compromise other natural stones. Its exceptional stability during handling and transportation allows for easy manual movement without the risk of flexural damage. This ease of transport and installation, combined with its resistance to bending and breaking, makes the Layerstone panel an innovative solution for both practical and aesthetic applications in construction and design.

Mechanical Resistance

The mechanical resistance of LayerStone panels sets a new standard in the stone cladding and flooring industry. In comparison with traditional stone, which typically has a mechanical resistance of 1.3, LayerStone panels offer an impressive resistance of 4. This means their ability to withstand mechanical stress is almost three times higher than that of conventional stone solutions.

During comparative tests, while traditional stone breaks under pressure, LayerStone panels demonstrate exceptional resilience, maintaining their integrity without showing any signs of breakage. This extraordinary mechanical resistance not only ensures greater durability and longevity of the material but also opens new possibilities for application in environments that require particularly resistant cladding and flooring materials.

The innovation and quality of LayerStone panels make them the ideal choice for architectural projects that accept no compromises in terms of resistance, durability, and aesthetics.

Large format

Our patented technology allows us to create large-format claddings that are extremely lightweight and boast high resistance to impacts, flexion, and compression. Our panels are crafted from innovative materials used in the aerospace industry and are available in standard sizes up to 48x96". The production takes place in cutting-edge automated facilities, enabling the attainment of perfection on each individual material.









The sustainable surface

GammaStone stands out for its focus on environmental sustainability and its commitment to reducing the negative impact on the ecosystem. With a proven awareness for environmental issues, we work every day to ensure that our products and processes are as sustainable as possible. This is evident in the choice of recyclable materials and the adoption of technologies and practices that minimise environmental impact. We are proud to be a responsible company that looks to the future and works to create a more sustainable world for future and present generations.

The inimitable charm of nature

Natural surfaces, with their call to the purity and harmony of nature, exert an enveloping power that offers sensory experiences satisfying both sight and touch uniquely. They contribute to shaping and narrating the personality of the spaces we inhabit. In a context where the pursuit of authenticity is increasingly central, LayerStone by GammaStone stands out as a pioneer in exploring the expressive potential of natural surfaces. Exclusive patterns and textures become a means to translate the grandeur of nature into architectural language, creating environments that reflect the richness and diversity of life. Each panel assigns a central role to natural surfaces in defining a distinctive style, channeling the timeless power of nature into creations that embrace and tell the story of the spaces we inhabit.

Protected Innovation - Patented Technology

LayerStone is a revolutionary advancement in the building materials sector, proudly protected by two patents. This dual patent protection underscores the uniqueness of our innovation and our commitment to providing cutting-edge, high-quality solutions.LayerStone represents the pinnacle of research and development in the cladding sector, offering unprecedented features in terms of strength, durability, and aesthetic versatility. Thanks to its innovative composition and exclusive production processes, LayerStone sets new standards of excellence, combining the aesthetics of natural stone with enhanced performance to meet the demands of the most challenging architectural projects.The patents covering LayerStone protect not only its unique formula but also the advanced techniques employed in its creation, ensuring that LayerStone remains unmatched in the market. This patent protection affirms our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and technical superiority, guaranteeing our customers an exclusive product that adds value and distinction to their projects.Explore the limitless possibilities that LayerStone offers and join us in redefining the landscape of marble flooring and cladding materials.

100% Made in Italy, 100% Made in GammaStone

LayerStone by GammaStone embodies the excellence of Made in Italy in the field of luxury coverings and flooring. Each product is the result of a passion for Italian craftsmanship, known for its uncompromising quality, attention to detail, and distinctive style.

Every LayerStone slab is a guarantee of authenticity and superiority, made entirely in Italy with premium materials and cutting-edge techniques. Our brand represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship, where tradition meets innovation.

Committed to sustainability, we adopt environmentally friendly production practices, blending technological innovation with respect for nature. GammaStone is synonymous with production excellence, where every detail is cared for to ensure products of supreme quality.

LayerStone by GammaStone: where beauty meets innovation, all in the spirit of true Made in Italy.