Travertino Silver

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Cleaning and maintenance

LayerStone provides a detailed user manual that will guide you through the process of effectively cleaning the stone using common household products. This resource offers clear and in-depth instructions, enabling you to maintain the beauty and integrity of the stone with ease. With practical tips and suggestions, our user manual is designed to ensure impeccable cleaning and optimal maintenance, preserving the stunning aesthetics of LayerStone over time.

Where to buy

Our extensive global network of distributors allows us to reach every corner of the world efficiently. With fast shipping, we can deliver our products within 1-2 days throughout the United States and Canada. Furthermore, thanks to our extensive experience and collaboration with international distributors, we ensure swift and reliable deliveries to any part of the globe. Your accessibility to our products is our priority, and we are committed to providing high-quality solutions wherever you are in the world. Find the nearest store.

Large format

Our patented technology allows us to create large-format claddings that are extremely lightweight and boast high resistance to impacts, flexion, and compression.

Our panels are crafted from innovative materials used in the aerospace industry and are available in standard sizes up to 48x96".

The production takes place in cutting-edge automated facilities, enabling the attainment of perfection on each individual material.











With LayerStone, excellence meets innovation through our automated facilities, offering a wide range of finishes to elevate and personalize spaces in a unique and remarkably captivating way.

Our production represents the epitome of advanced technology, enabling the creation of high-quality products with surprising precision and consistency. Every detail is meticulously crafted, ensuring results that surpass every expectation.

Our array of finishes is extraordinarily extensive, embracing the diversity of styles and preferences. This rich selection translates into unparalleled flexibility, guaranteeing the ability to meet the needs of every architectural project. With LayerStone, we not only provide solutions but create unique aesthetic experiences that stand out for their refinement and originality.


High Honed

Material details

Travertine Silver, a precious Italian natural stone, stands out for its gray-silver hue and elegant texture. Originating from the central quarries of Italy, this stone is cherished for its versatility and durability. Perfect for flooring, cladding, and architectural elements, Travertine Silver adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to any space, thanks to its ability to adapt to various styles. Its easy workability allows for the creation of customized projects, contributing to bestow a sense of timeless luxury and class.




Floor, Wall


Bathroom, Bedroom, Business, Hall & Lobby, Kitchen, Living, Public Space, Spa & Pool